Chino Basin Program

Applicant Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Status MCED Issued
Project Type Conjunctive Use
Public Benefits Ecosystem Improvements, Water Quality Improvements, Emergency Response
Total Project Cost $650,000,000
Maximum Conditional Eligibility Determination (MCED) $215,265,405
Early Funding $10,763,270

Projected Timeline

Chino Basin Conjunctive Use Program Projected Timeline

 Chino Basin Conjunctive Use Project Map  
The Chino Basin Program (CBP) is a series of innovative water treatment and storage projects structured to modernize regional water supplies, storage, and delivery systems.  Through several water infrastructure improvement projects, the CBP will help address challenges caused by imported water supplies through the development of new, local water supplies, thus increasing local water supply resiliency and reliability.  The CBP will develop a state-of-the-art Advanced Water Purification Facility and aquifer replenishing wells that will develop and store 15,000 Acre Feet per year in the Chino Basin.  Additionally, the CBP will expand existing and build new conveyance pipelines and develop additional production facilities to maximize recycled water usage in the region. 

Once implemented, these projects will address the immediate needs of the region while unlocking the potential for additional storage and water recycling projects in the future. These projects also demonstrate significant benefits for state and local environmental and ecosystem health through a unique exchange to support pulse flows in the Feather River and improving the habitat for native species in the Santa Ana River

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