California Water Commission

The California Water Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Seven members are chosen for their expertise related to the control, storage, and beneficial use of water and two are chosen for their knowledge of the environment. The Commission provides a public forum for discussing water issues, advises the Director of the Department of Water Resources on matters within the Department’s jurisdiction, approves rules and regulations, and monitors and reports on the construction and operation of the State Water Project. Proposition 1: The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act approved by voters in 2014, gave the Commission new responsibilities regarding the distribution of public funds set aside for the public benefits of water storage projects, and developing regulations for the quantification and management of those benefits. In 2018, the Commission approved maximum conditional funding amounts for eight projects in the Water Storage Investment Program


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WSIP Applicant Meetings on Administration of Public Benefits

The Commission has scheduled orientation meetings in February for project applicants to meet with state agencies that will administer the public benefits of each project funded through the Water Storage Investment Program. These meetings are intended to orient applicants on the process involved in developing contracts for the administration of public benefits. For more information, click the link above.

WSIP Frequently Asked Questions

The Commission has released several Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) documents covering different phases of WSIP implementation. All the FAQ documents can now be found on the FAQs Page, which can be accessed by clicking the link above. The page will be updated as more FAQs become available.​​