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We welcome your comments and questions. Comments and questions may be submitted via email to or via the form below. If you would like a response to your question or comment, please supply the requested information below. When you click on the "Submit" button, the form will be emailed to California Water Commission staff.
Comments received by the Commission related to meeting agenda items will not be edited, and will be posted to the Commission’s meeting webpage in their entirety. Comments regarding agenda items can also be submitted via email to For information about the process for Tribal leaders and representatives to provide comments on agenda items during a Commission meeting, read our California Native American Tribal Leadership Comment Policy.
Please do not submit comments of an emergency nature. If this is an emergency issue, please see the contacts listed below. 


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The Comment Form is posted in accordance with the Citizen Complaint Act of 1997 so that individuals can register complaints or comments related to the performance of this agency.

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