Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project

Applicant Santa Clara Valley Water District
Status MCED Issued
Project Type Regional Surface Storage
Public Benefits Ecosystem Improvements, Emergency Response
Total Project Cost $2,500,000,000
Maximum Conditional Eligibility Determination (MCED) $504,141,383
Early Funding $24,200,000

Projected Timeline

Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project Projected Timeline

 Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project Map 
The applicant, Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD), is proposing a regional surface storage project, the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion (PRE) Project. The PRE Project would enlarge the existing reservoir located in southeast Santa Clara County, from 6 thousand acre-feet (TAF) to 141.6 TAF. The PRE Project would construct new conveyance infrastructure to segments of the Central Valley Project (CVP) San Felipe Division in Merced and Santa Clara counties, and deliver water supply to up to eight south-of- Delta wildlife refuges in Merced County. The primary water sources to fill the expanded reservoir would be natural inflows from the North and East Forks of Pacheco Creek. Supplemental flows to the expanded reservoir would arrive from SCVWD’s and the San Benito County Water District’s (SBCWD’s) share of contracted CVP pumped water from San Luis Reservoir. 

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