Harvest Water Program

Applicant Sacramento Area Sewer District (SacSewer)
Status Final Funding Awarded
Project Type Conjunctive Use
Public Benefits Ecosystem Improvements, Water Quality Improvements
Total Project Cost $585,000,000
Maximum Conditional Eligibility Determination (MCED) $291,841,209
Early Funding $14,375,625

Final Award Amount $291,841,209


Projected Timeline

South County Ag Program Projected Timeline

 South County Ag Program Map 
SacSewer (previously known as Regional San) is proposing a conjunctive use project, the Harvest Water Program (formerly named the South Sacramento County Agriculture and Habitat Lands Recycled Water, Groundwater Storage, and Conjunctive Use Program [South County Ag Program]), to store and manage groundwater while improving stream flow, enhancing groundwater-dependent riparian habitats, sustaining prime agricultural lands, and improving regional water supply reliability. Sources of water would be up to 50 thousand acre-feet (TAF) per year of Title 22 tertiary-treated recycled water produced by Regional San. Water produced from the Harvest Water Program would be used to irrigate up to 16,000 acres of agriculture and habitat lands in Sacramento County near the lower Cosumnes River and Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. 

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