Final EIR for State Water Project Long-Term Operations


Table of Contents For Final Environmental Impact Report Files

Synopsis of DWR's Proposed Long-Term Operations of the State Water Project

Part I Introduction.pdf

Part II Comments and Responses.pdf

Part III Revisions to the DEIR.docx

Appendix A – Initial Study

               III.A-Initial Study.pdf

Appendix B – COA Addendum

              III.B-COA Addendum.pdf

Appendix C – Hydrology Model Results

               III.C-Appendix C Hydrology Model Results.docx

               III.C.2-Appendix C Hydrology Model Results Attachment 2.pdf

               III.C.3-Appendix C Hydrology Model Results Attachment 3.pdf

Appendix D – SCHISM Model Results

               III.D-Appendix D SCHISM Model Results

Appendix E - Biological Model Results

               III.E-Appendix E Biological Model Results.docx

Appendix F – Climate Change

               III.F-Appendix F2 Climate Change.pdf

               III.F.2-Appendix F2 Climate Change Attachments 1-2.docx

Appendix G – Geographic Scope of Project's Influence on Flow

               III.G-Appendix G Geographic Scope.pdf

Appendix H – CalSim Model Results

               III.H-Appendix H CalSim DSM2.docx

               III.H.1-Appendix H CalSim DSM2 Attachments 1-1 - 1-3.pdf

               III.H.1-Appendix H CalSim DSM2 Attachments 1-4 and 1-5.docx

               III.H.1-Appendix H CalSim DSM2 Attachments 1-6 and 1-7.pdf

               III.H.1 Appendix H CalSim DSM2 Attachments 1-8 and 1-9.docx

               III.H.2-Appendix H CalSim DSM2 Attachments 2-1 - 2-6.docx

Appendix I – CDFW Alternative 4 Proposal

               III.I-Appendix I CDFW Alt 4 Proposal.pdf

Appendix J – Adaptive Management Plan

               III.J-Appendix J Adaptive Management Plan.docx

Appendix K – VA Framework

               III.K-Appendix K VA Framework.pdf

Part IV References.pdf

Attachment 1 Form Letter Responses – NRDC.pdf

Attachment 2 Form Letter Responses – Sierra Club.pdf

Attachment 3 Comment Letter Attachments.pdf (Comment letter attachments are available upon request by emailing

Notice of Determination -- Appendix D

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