The Acquisition and Appraisal Section is responsible for the valuation and acquisition of property rights for State Water Project (SWP) and Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) facilities statewide. These activities include the acquisition of temporary and permanent rights (fee and easement) for the operation, maintenance, repair, and construction of new SWP and CVFPB facilities such as pipelines, reservoirs, levees, and mitigation/restoration lands.

Water Code Section 250 and Water Code Section 11580, for SWP purposes, and Water Code Section 8550, for CVFPB purposes, constitute the basic State statutes that authorize the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to acquire the land and other property necessary in support of DWR’s sanctioned SWP and CVFPB goals and objectives. The acquisition, appraisal, negotiation, condemnation, utility relocation, and Relocation Assistance Program are carried out by the Acquisition and Appraisal Section in DWR’s Real Estate Branch.

When Acquisition and Appraisal Section staff are unable to reach a settlement with landowners in the acquisition process under the threat of condemnation, they can choose to obtain a Resolution of Necessity from the California Water Commission and the Central Valley Flood Protection Board, and consult with members of the Attorney General's Office.

Consultant Contracts for professional Right of Way, Real Property, and Appraisal Services are also managed by staff in the Acquisition and Appraisal Section when required to augment DWR staff.

For your reference, see the links on the right side of this page titled DWR Property Acquisition Information and DWR Residential Relocation Assistance Program Information. You may also call the toll free number listed under Contact Information.

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DWR Property Resources

The files below are available upon request:

  • DWR Property Acquisition Information
  • DWR Residential Relocation Assistance Program Information