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California’s Climate Water Connection

California’s Mediterranean climate directly impacts the water resources that millions of people rely on. Seasonal and annual variability in precipitation with long, dry summers, and dramatic swings between flood and drought, along with an imbalance between where the water falls and where the people live, have made water management a challenge for over a century. 

Climate change brings new challenges for managing California’s water resources. Rising sea levels, record-breaking high temperatures, and a reduction of the Sierra snowpack are just a few impacts we are already seeing. Scientists expect climate change will have a growing impact on our resources in the coming years.

To responsibly manage our water resources, we need to understand why climate change is happening, how it will impact our state’s water resources, and what we can do to adapt to and mitigate the changes.

The sections of text below correspond to keys identified in DWR’s “Climate Change and the Future of California’s Water” poster. Click below to dig deeper into climate science and how a changing climate affects one of our most important natural resources.