Drought Resilience Interagency & Partners Collaborative

Meeting with public participation
Community members participate in a public meeting on drought impacts in the Central Valley and maintaining a reliable drinking water supplies in 2016.

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is establishing a standing drought and water shortage interagency task force in coordination with the State Water Board and other relevant state agencies to facilitate proactive state planning and coordination for pre-drought planning, emergency response, and post-drought management, consistent with Senate Bill 552 (Chaptered in 2021). The Task Force, called the Drought Resilience Interagency and Partners Collaborative (DRIP Collaborative), will serve as a public forum with state and non-state agency members to advance our drought strategies and continue building resilience to the increasingly arid conditions California faces.

For More Information

For questions, please send an email to drip@water.ca.gov or call Zoe Kanavas at 916-606-2134.

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