Clifton Court Forebay Predation Reduction Alternatives – In-Depth Dredging Study

Data shows that dredging can be used as an effective tool to increase the survival of certain endangered fish species. We’re investigating this possibility across the Clifton Court Forebay though an in-depth study that outlines the expected costs and benefits of various dredging options that take into account impacts to operations, maintenance, and levee integrity. DWR is required to develop predation control methods for the Clifton Court Forebay to reduce salmon and steelhead losses.

Elevation map of Clifton Court Forebay. Relative size of a dreder is shown on the map's scale. Please contact DWR if you need additional information about this map.

Elevation map of Clifton Court Forebay

Contact Information

Ryan L. Reeves, P.E.
Fisheries Infrastructure and Operations Branch
Division of Integrated Science and Engineering