Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) Conservation Strategy 2022 Update

Conservation Strategy

The CVFPP Conservation Strategy multi-benefit approach to project planning is a commitment to innovative, sustainable flood management to ensure a lasting flood protection system and a functioning riverine ecosystem for future generations.

The Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) Conservation Strategy (Conservation Strategy or Strategy) is a primary component supporting the CVFPP. It aligns and contributes to the attainment of all CVFPP goals, specifically focusing on the improvement of ecosystem quality, quantity, function, and sustainability within the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC). Its purpose is to provide actionable and measurable targets for improving riverine, aquatic, wetland, and riparian habitat in the flood system. The Conservation Strategy provides data, information, and guidance to floodplain managers to assist with developing multi-benefit flood infrastructure improvement projects by integrating project components and management strategies that benefit native species and their habitats. Multi-benefit projects may also create additional public benefits such as sustaining agricultural production, improving water quality and water supply reliability, increasing groundwater recharge, supporting commercial fisheries, and providing public recreation and educational opportunities.  

Every five years, DWR updates the Conservation Strategy to correspond with updates to the CVFPP. The purpose of the update is to report on progress achieved over the previous five years toward meeting the measurable objectives, ensure continued alignment with evolving DWR policies, programs, and initiatives, and to update its content with the latest information, science, and guidance available to support the CVFPP’s and DWR’s commitment to public safety and environmental stewardship through innovative flood management practices and project implementation.

The 2022 Conservation Strategy update focuses on the following objectives:

  • Reporting on implementation and progress toward the measurable objectives
  • Incorporating new information and reviewing the target species list and measurable objectives from the 2016 Conservation Strategy
  • Identifying the impediments DWR and stakeholders most often encounter when implementing multi-benefit flood infrastructure improvement projects and developing actions and strategies to overcome or reduce those impediments
  • Ensuring continued alignment and coordination with related state and local plans and programs

Collaborative and sustainable flood management and habitat restoration is the objective of the Conservation Strategy. Development of the 2022 document involved input and guidance from numerous divisions of DWR, partner agencies, NGO’s, Agricultural interests, and stakeholders.

Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Conservation Strategy Documents