New Flood System Repair Program (FSRP) Guidelines 2021 Update Now Available


The California Department of Water Resources (DWR), Flood Maintenance and Operations Branch (FMO) is pleased to announce that the new Flood System Repair Program Guidelines 2021 Update (PDF) is now available.  The Flood System Repair Program (FSRP) is a flood risk reduction program, consistent with the State Systemwide Investment Approach (SSIA) as identified in the 2017 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP).  Under FSRP, DWR may execute cost share agreements with the Local Maintaining Agencies (LMAs) to repair documented prioritized problems on the facilities of the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC).  California Central Valley homeowners, businesses, and the agricultural industry are protected from flooding by more than 1500 miles of SPFC levees.  FSRP repairs assist in maintaining a dependable levee system for flood protection of these valuable assets.  FSRP is a proven cost-effective program for maintaining the current level of flood protection provided by SPFC facilities, primarily in non-urban areas while advancing DWR initiatives for Economically Disadvantages Areas (EDAs).