DWR Opens 15-Day Public Comment Period for Local Flood Risk Reduction Grants


The Sacramento Valley community of Meridian, California, in Sutter County was surrounded by flood waters from the Sacramento River and a break from the west levee of the Sutter Bypass during the January flood of 1997.


SACRAMENTO, Calif.The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced a 15-day public comment period for projects selected under the second phase of the Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program (SCFRR). The SCFRR was created to assist public agencies with reducing flood risk for small communities within the Central Valley.

“Small communities face difficulties in developing and competing for State and Federal flood risk reduction programs. These communities are often financially strapped, making it more difficult to fund flood risk reduction projects,” said Michael Mierzwa, chief of DWR’s Office of Floodplain Management. “These grants will support smaller and disadvantaged communities as they plan for the worst-case scenario.”

Three out of the five submitted projects have been recommended to receive funding from the approximately $28 million available in Proposition 1E grant funding. Below are descriptions of the three projects.

  • Franklin-Beachwood – The Black Rascal Creek Flood Control Project, sponsored by Merced County, would construct a 300-acre detention basin to increase flood protection from 50-year to 100-year flood levels for over 6,000 residents in the surrounding community, plus an additional 79,000 residents in the disadvantaged portions of the City of Merced. This project will help limit flood damage and reduce annual flood insurance costs for the community.
  • Knights Landing - Sponsored by Yolo County, the project would improve levees to increase flood protection from 25-year to 100-year flood levels for over 1,000 residents and contribute to flood risk reduction for the remaining parts of the Knights Landing Basin. Flood insurance costs also would be reduced.
  • Grimes - This project, sponsored by the Sacramento River West Side Levee District, includes rehabilitation of 1.5 miles of Sacramento River levees and elevation of local residences to increase flood protection from 40-year to 100-year levels for almost 400 residents in the community of Grimes. Additionally, this project will contribute to flood risk reduction for downstream communities in Colusa and Yolo Counties. This project will help limit flood damage and reduce annual flood insurance costs for the community.

DWR will continue working with the project proponents of the two projects not selected, in the communities of Tudor and Wheatland, to refine their feasibility studies. The refinement of these studies will better position those communities to receive future funding as it becomes available.

The 15-day public comment period will close at 5 p.m. Monday, June 8. Finalization of funding is subject to completion of the 15-day comment period, and final award approval by DWR. After these two actions, DWR will work with the project sponsors to execute funding agreements. For information about submitting a comment on the draft awards, contact Nahideh Madankar at Nahideh.Madankar@water.ca.gov.  




Chris Orrock, Information Officer, Public Affairs, Department of Water Resources

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