Webinar on DWR’s Water Shortage Vulnerability Scoring and Tool Demo on Domestic Wells and State Smalls

As part of its technical assistance to support counties with SB 552 implementation, DWR re-designed and is maintaining the Water Shortage Vulnerability Scoring and Tool to provide the foundational data and information statewide to counties for their drought and water shortage risk assessment for domestic wells and state small water systems (systems with fewer than 15 connections). In this meeting DWR will provide an overview of information contained in the Water Shortage Vulnerability Scoring and Tool, and provide a demonstration for data and tool navigation and potential use by counties for their corresponding drought risk assessment.

Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and discuss with DWR regarding the use of data and information. 

Registration in advance for this meeting was required: Registration is now closed.

Recording available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKK_a3lc6Ck

Time: 1:00PM-3:00pm

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

For more information on SB 552 and previous related events (including recordings and agendas), please refer to: https://water.ca.gov/Programs/Water-Use-And-Efficiency/SB-552.

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