Review of 2020 UWMP Public Comments Webinar

DWR will host a meeting summarizing the public comments received and the associated changes being made to finalize the Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) 2020 Guidebook. This webinar follows the public webinar on Sept. 16 that presented the draft guidebook. UWMPs are prepared by urban water suppliers every five years, and the next plan is due July 1, 2021. For more information on UWMPs, refer to DWR’s UWMP webpage.

To register for this informational webinar on Nov. 18, follow this link:

Workshop Agenda

1:00       Welcome and Meeting Overview

                Orit Kalman, Senior Facilitator

                CSUS – Consensus and Collaboration Program

1:10       UWMP Guidebook Update Process and Overarching Comments

                Sabrina Cook, Environmental Program Manager

                Julia Ekstrom, Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor

                DWR - Water Use Efficiency Branch

1:20       UWMP Guidebook Key Updates by Chapter

                Julia Ekstrom

                Sabrina Cook

2:00       Short Stretch Break

2:05       UWMP Key Updates by Chapter, Continued

                Julia Ekstrom

                Sabrina Cook

2:40       Appendix C. Approach to Demonstrating Reduced Delta Reliance

 Katherine Marquez, Program Manager

 DWR - Delta Conveyance Office

2:50       Wrap Up and Next Step

                Julia Ekstrom

3:00       Adjourn