UWMP Webinar - Methods for Estimating Service Area Population

DWR is hosting a set of webinars that focus on specific requirements for the urban water management plans (UWMP). On Tuesday, Dec. 8, DWR will host the third training webinar. The focus of this webinar is methods for estimating service area population, including use of the DWR Population Tool. Population estimates are a crucial input for calculating per capita water use for SBX7-7 calculations.


All training webinars are recorded and will be posted to the DWR YouTube page for public access. During each training webinar, DWR will review UWMP requirements, planning tools, provide examples, and address participant questions related to the focus topic. 


2020 UWMPs are due July 1, 2021.


Register here: https://csus.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-38cUwg6SFqu2_Ww90TVDA


Workshop Objectives:

  1. Review population methods for calculating SBX 7-7 water use targets in the UWMP.

  2. Address participants questions regarding population methodology, including the DWR Population Tool, to support their SBX 7-7 calculations in the UWMP.



10:00     Welcome and Training Workshop Overview
Orit Kalman, Senior Facilitator, CSUS – Consensus and Collaboration Program
              Julia Ekstrom, Senior Environmental Specialist Supervisor, DWR - Water Use Efficiency Branch

10:05     Overview and Focus of the Training
              Gwen Huff, Senior Environmental Scientist – Retired Annuitant, DWR – Water Use Efficiency Branch

10:15     In-Depth Review of Population Methodologies

  • Considerations for selecting the appropriate methodology
    • Compliance requirements
    • Service Area expansion/contraction
    • New suppliers
  • Service area mapping
  • Review of available methodologies
    • Census and DOF Data and Method
    • Persons per Connection Methodology

    • DWR Population Tool

    • Supplier Specific Methodologies

11:55     Wrap Up and Upcoming Training

              Julia Ekstrom

Noon     Adjourn


All training webinars are recorded and will be posted in the week following the training to the DWR YouTube page for public access.