Delta Flood Emergency Response Grant Program Offers $9.9 Million in Direct Funding


DWR staff prepare overtop protection on the levees at Grizzly Island.

DWR staff prepare overtop protection on the levees at Grizzly Island in Solano County. DWR/2017

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is pleased to announce that $4.9 million of Proposition 1E and $5 million of Proposition 1 funding is available in Fiscal Year 2019-20 for Directed Funding action under the Delta Flood Emergency Response Grant Program, Round 2 Guidelines.

The Delta Flood Emergency Response Grant Program supports the activities of local agencies who are working with DWR and its partners to improve flood emergency preparedness and response within their jurisdictions.

Eligible agencies include the five Delta counties (Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Yolo), local maintaining agencies, and public agencies in the legal Delta whose primary responsibility is flood emergency response and coordination.

This Directed Funding action is designed to utilize program funding in a rapid and timely manner to ensure local emergency responders have the capacity to prepare for and respond to flood emergencies. 

Directed Funding projects (also known as Directed Action or Direct Expenditures) take place outside of soliciting competitive grants. These projects are funded by DWR either in response to a stakeholder solicitation, a request from another government entity, or on its own initiative. They address an interest of the State of California and may be proposed and approved at any time.

Public agencies eligible for program funds are encouraged to contact DWR to be included in this Directed Funding action and future opportunities.

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