Water Storage Investment Program Summary

Proposition 1 dedicated $2.7 billion for investments in new water storage projects.  The California Water Commission, through the Water Storage Investment Program, will fund the public benefits of these projects. In August 2017, 12 applicants submitted projects for the Commission's review pursuant to the WSIP regulations. The Commission is now evaluating the projects for their eligibility and the level of public benefits provided. In July 2018, the Commission will determine the maximum funding for which each water storage project is eligible, provided the completion of statutory requirements and pending final Commission award. The information on this page provides an overview the Commission's review and decision-making process and the projects that applied for funding. For links to each application, technical review documents, and scores, see the WSIP Project Review Portal.

Click on the map image to access an interactive map of the 12 projects that applied for Water Storage Investment Program funding. This map contains details related to each project.
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Milestone or Activity Schedule
Application Period Closes August 14, 2017
Applications Posted Online August 2017
Public Benefit Ratio (PBR) Review Applicant Notification
February 1, 2018
PBRReview Posted Online February 2, 2018
Applicant PBR Appeals Due
February 23, 2018
Reviewer Responses to Appeals Posted Online April 20, 2018
Commission Meeting to Determine PBRs May 1-3, 2018
Preliminary Application Scores Posted Online May 25, 2018
Commission Meeting to Determine Scores June 27-28, 2018
Final Scores and Application Ranks Posted Online July 13, 2018
Commission Meeting for Maximum Conditional Eligibility Determinations
July 24, 2018