California Water Commission

The California Water Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Seven members  are chosen for their general expertise related to the control, storage, and beneficial use of water and two are chosen for their knowledge of the environment. The Commission provides a public forum for discussing water issues, advises the Department of Water Resources (DWR), and takes appropriate statutory actions to further the development of policies that support integrated and sustainable water resource management and a healthy environment. Statutory duties include advising the Director of DWR, approving rules and regulations, and monitoring and reporting on the construction and operation of the State Water Project. 

· NEW - Commission Executive Officer Vacancy

The Commission is seeking a leader with knowledge of California water policy issues and management expertise to fill the position of its Executive Officer.

More information about this position can be found here.

· Public Comments on Proposed Revisions to Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) Regulations

Public comments were taken on proposed revisions to the WSIP regulations from September 2 to October 3, 2016.

· Water Storage Investment Program Decision Process Timeline

A timeline summarizing the Commission's project review process for the Water Storage Investment Program is now available. The timeline includes estimated dates during the process when certain milestones will occur. The timeline can be found here.

· Updates to Commission Meeting Schedule

Although the Commission typically meets on the third Wednesday of each month, the dates of some meetings have been changed. The revised Commission meeting dates are August 17-18, September 16, October 18, November 15, and December 14. For a complete and up-to-date list of upcoming Commission meetings, please see the Meetings Page.

· Water Storage Investment Program Concept Papers

The Commission is calling upon potential applicants to the Water Storage Investment Program to submit Concept Papers that summarize potential water storage projects and their benefits. Information on submitting a Concept Paper can be found here.

· Join our Listserve

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 Upcoming Meetings​

Meeting of the California Water Commission
November 15, 2016
at 9:30 AM
Meeting of the California Water Commission
December 14, 2016
at 9:30 AM

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