Water Storage Investment Program Concept Papers

In November 2015, California voters passed Proposition 1, which dedicated $2.7 billion for investment in the public benefits of water storage projects and designated the California Water Commission (Commission) as the agency responsible for allocating these funds. 

The Commission called upon potential project proponents to submit Concept Papers that summarize potential water storage projects and their benefits. This was an effort by the Commission to gather information from potential project proponents regarding projects that may qualify and apply for Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) public benefit funding.

Submission of a Concept Paper was not mandatory to be eligible for WSIP funding, but the information collected through these Concept Papers helped the Commission and staff refine the WSIP application process and application review.

As the WSIP application period is open, prospective applicants are encouraged to spend efforts on applications instead of Concept Papers. Information about the WSIP application process can be found on the Application Resources page.

Concept Paper Form (Microsoft Word)

Summary of Concept Papers Received

Concept Paper Response Template

Concept Papers Received:


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