Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) Application Resources

The California Water Commission is accepting applications for the Water Storage Investment Program from March 14, 2017 to August 14, 2017. This page contains the essential information, resources, and links related to submitting an application.

We are constructing a web portal that will allow the public to view the applications submitted for WSIP funding. The portal will be open by the close of the application period.

Anticipated WSIP Implementation Schedule
Milestone or Activity Schedule*
Application Period Opens March 14, 2017
Application Assistance Workshop March 30, 2017, 9:30 a.m.
Klamath Hearing Room, Second Floor of the California Environmental Protection Agency, 1001 I Street, Sacramento
Application Walk-Through and Quantification Example Webinar
April 27, 2017
Selected Topics in Water Operations Analysis Webinar May 11, 2017
Monetizing Ecosystem and Other Benefits Webinar June 1, 2017
Application Period Closes August 14, 2017
Staff posts applications online
August/September 2017
Commission releases public benefit ratios for all eligible projects January 2018
Appeals due for public benefit ratios January/February 2018
Commission determines final public benefit ratios March 2018
Commission finalizes component scores and ranks projects April/May 2018
Commission releases maximum conditional eligibility determinations and early funding decisions for completing environmental documentation and permits May/June 2018
 *Italics denote approximate dates.

Online Submittal Tool
​Applications must be submitted using the Department of Water Resources' online submittal tool.
Reference Documents
​These documents provide applicants with program requirements and important application information.
Application Tables
​These tables are required as part of a WSIP application.
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Data and Model Products
​These model products and data are provided for applicant use as required by the Regulations in section 6004.
Without-Project 2030 Future Conditions:
Without-Project 2070 Future Conditions:
1995 Historical Temperature-detrended Conditions (Reference):
Extreme Climate Conditions for Uncertainty Analysis
​These model products are provided should the applicant choose to use this information in their Uncertainty Analysis.
​2070 Drier/Extreme Warming (DEW) Future Conditions:
​2070 Wetter/Moderate Warming (WMW) Future Conditions:
​Questions should be directed to:
​Hoa Ly
​California Water Commission
​P.O. Box 942836
​Sacramento, CA 94236
​(916) 651-7501