Meeting of the California Water Commission - October 21, 2020


In accordance with Governor Newsom’s Executive Orders N-29-20 and N-33-20, as well as recommendations from the California Department of Public Health, the October 21, 2020, California Water Commission meeting will not have a physical location. This will be a remote-only meeting, conducted via a web-based videoconferencing service called Zoom. The Commission remains committed to transparency. Members of the public will be able to listen to and watch the meeting and comment if desired. 

Registration is not required to provide public comments. Members of the public who wish to comment during the meeting can do so by joining on Zoom ( More detailed instructions on how to use Zoom and participate in the meeting can be found on the public participation guide.

Alternatively, members of the public can offer verbal comments by telephone by calling one of the numbers below:

(408) 638-0968

(669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 846 3099 3523

The meeting will be webcast live at: Individuals who only want to watch or listen should use this option as it preserves interactive meeting resources for those who are commenting on items. 


1. Call to Order

2. Closed Session

The Commission may hold a closed session, as authorized by Government Code §11126(e), to confer with and receive advice from its legal counsel regarding potential litigation, and as authorized by Government Code §11126(a).

3. Approval of August 19, 2020 Meeting Minutes

4. Executive Officer's Report 

The Executive Officer will report on various matters addressed since the previous Commission meeting.

5. Commission Member Reports

This is an opportunity for members to disclose any meetings or conversations related to Commission business since the previous Commission meeting.

6. Public Testimony

Although no formal Commission action will be taken, the Commission offers an opportunity to the public to address the Commission on items of interest that are within the Commission’s jurisdiction, but that do not specifically appear on the agenda.

Correspondence Received:

7. Water Storage Investment Program: Early Funding Request (Action Item)

Representatives from the Willow Springs Water Bank Conjunctive Use Project will present their request for early funding to the Commission. The Commission will decide whether to award early funding to the project and the amount of early funding.

8. Water Storage Investment Program: Temperance Flat Reservoir Project Status Update

Representatives from the Temperance Flat Reservoir Authority will discuss their project’s status with the Commission.

9. Assessing a State Role in Financing Conveyance Projects

The Commission will hear from experts on topics related to resilient conveyance and will consider a background policy brief, a synopsis of stakeholder interviews, and next steps for how to proceed with the Commission’s assessment of a state role in financing conveyance projects pursuant to the direction in the Governor’s Water Resilience Portfolio.

10. Briefing on Merced River Watershed Management

Department of Water Resources (DWR) Integrated Watershed Management staff will present work being done to assess watershed-scale climate vulnerability and to explore the intersection of water supply, flood protection, and environmental water adaptation strategies in the Merced River Watershed.

Flood-MAR Materials Requested for Posting at the August Meeting:

Please note that other materials the Commission requested to be posted following the August meeting could not be made accessible for posting. PDFs of DWR's System Reoperation Study Phase I, II, and III Reports and Water Available for Replenishment Report are available upon request via email to

11. State Water Project Briefing: Delta Restoration

DWR staff will brief the Commission on the various ecosystem restoration projects underway in the Delta.

12. State Water Project Briefing: Emissions Reduction and Power Generation

DWR staff will brief the Commission on DWR’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing projects and strategies to utilize renewable energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

13. Consideration of Items for Next California Water Commission Meeting

14. Adjourn


*The Commission may break for lunch as needed.*

Written comments regarding specific items on this agenda will be provided to the Commissioners as part of their meeting packets if they are received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 19. Staff will make every effort to provide comments received after this deadline electronically, but we cannot make any guarantees.