The Tulare Lake Storage and Floodwater Protection Project

47494_A.9 Benefit and Cost Analysis A.10 Cost Allocation.pdf
A.1 Delta or trib measurable improvement.pdf
A.1 Ecosystem Benefits_CombinedALL.pdf
A.1 Flood Damage Supporting Documentation.pdf
A.1 Tulare Lake Feasibility Study w Appendices.pdf
A.1_Executive Summary.pdf
A.2 Permit List.pdf
A.2 Resolution.pdf
A.2_Appendix A - Project Operations Plan.pdf
A.3 Monetized Benefit Analysis.pdf
A.3 PD - Final Review.pdf
A.3 Schedule.pdf
A.4 Environmental Documentation.pdf
A.4 Mitigation and Compliance Obligation.pdf
A.4 PD Support_combined doc.pdf
A.5 Attestation.pdf
A.5 Quantification Support.pdf
A.5a Impacts and Consultation.pdf
A.5b GW Bank_FEIR.pdf
A.5b SWRU_SEIR.pdf
A.6 Monetization Table by Year.pdf
A.8 - Costs and Certification.pdf
A.8_Chapter 7_Financial Feasibility 08.13_Final.pdf
A.9 Benefit and Cost Analysis A.10 Cost Allocation.pdf
A.11 Physical Econ Benefit Summary Table.pdf
A.12 Uncertainty Analysis.pdf
A6. Index of Application Docs.pdf
Emergency A.1 Emergency Response Benefit.pdf
Rec A.1 Recreation visitation days.pdf
Rec A.2 Recreation Special Studies.pdf
A.7 Nonmonetized benefits.pdf
A.1 Project Conditions.pdf
A.2 Cost effectiveness.pdf

 Documents Provided in Response to the Completeness and Basic Eligibility Review

Response to Water Storage Investment Program_9.14.2017.pdf
Emergency Resp Banking Delta Surplus.zip
Ecosystem Benefit Model.zip
Ecosystem Alternative Cost.zip
Tulare Lake WSIP_Flood Benefit References.zip
Tulare Lake WSIP_Flood Benefit Spreadsheets.zip
CVHS Model 1956 80 Percent.zip
CVHS Model 1956 100 Percent.zip

 Public Benefit Ratio Appeal Documents

Tulare Lake_PBR Response Letter.pdf
Tulare Lake Cost Benefit Analysis.zip
WCWD Final Buyer-Seller Agmt 2010.pdf
WCWD Final Buyer-Seller Agmt 2012.pdf
WCWD Final Buyer-Seller Agmt 2014.pdf
WCWD Final Buyer-Seller Agmt 2015.pdf
Kings River Flows.zip
Appendix A - Project Operations Plan_Rev.pdf
Tulare Lake WSIP Banking Operations Model.zip
Tulare Lake WSIP Delta Surplus Flow Analysis.zip
FEIR Public 1994.pdf
SWRU - Final SEIR Jan. 2000.pdf
Revised Ecosystem Benefits TM 2_23_2018.pdf
Ecosytem Benefits Calculator 2_23_2018.zip
Appendix C - Flood Benefit Analysis_Rev.pdf
CVHS Model 1956_100 Percent.zip
CVHS Model 1956_80 Percent.zip
Tulare Lake_Draft EIR_Fisheries Analysis Technical Appendix.pdf