Pure Water San Diego Program North City Phase 1

47573_San Diego_Recycled Water Study.pdf
San Diego Uncertainty Analysis Final.pdf
San Diego_ Control Strategies.pdf
San Diego_ COSS Report.pdf
San Diego_ CWA UWMP 2015.pdf
47426_San Diego_NCWRP Vol 2 Vol 3 30 Percent Design.pdf
San Diego_ Env comply to laws Tab 7 Q.pdf
San Diego_ Forecast Schedule.pdf
San Diego_ Maps.pdf
San Diego_ NC Permitting Aug 2017.pdf
San Diego_ Point Loma Ecosystem Priorities FINAL.pdf
San Diego_ Water Quality Priorities App Tables-Priority 6.pdf
San Diego_2015_uwmp_report.pdf
San Diego_ Map of Wild  Scenic Rivers.PDF
San Diego_Attestation.pdf
San Diego_CA DOF CPI Fact.pdf
San Diego_City of San Diego Monthly Billed Volumes.pdf
San Diego_City's UWMP 2015.pdf
San Diego_cost effective feasible alternative Tab7 A.pdf
San Diego_Council Policy 400-4.pdf
San Diego_Council Policy 400-15.pdf
San Diego_Executive Summary Final.pdf
San Diego_Expl  environmental cultural resources.pdf
San Diego_Fixed Assets Summary - Water 11-07-2012.pdf
San Diego_GWB map.pdf
San Diego_IRWM Plan.pdf
San Diego_Measur Improv to Delta Tab7 A1.pdf
San Diego_Miramar Ecosystem Priorities FINAL.pdf
San Diego_Miramar Hydrography 1960-2016.pdf
San Diego_MMR, capacity curve with outlets.pdf
San Diego_Morena PS  A B Drawings-30 Percent.pdf
San Diego_NCPWF 30 percent Design.pdf
San Diego_NCWRP Vol 2 Vol 3 30 Percent Design.pdf
San Diego_Net public benefit mitigation or compliance Tab 6 .pdf
San Diego_Prelim Op Plan Tab6 A.pdf
San Diego_Project Description - Final.pdf
San Diego_Pt Loma discharge scenarios.pdf
San Diego_public benefit not monetized Tab6 A7 final.pdf
San Diego_PW Phase 1 Benefits Work Papers v2.pdf
San Diego_PW Physical and Economic Benefits Table Tab 6 A11.pdf
San Diego_PW Reso.pdf
San Diego_R-308906.pdf
San Diego_R-309350.pdf
San Diego_R-310530.pdf
San Diego_recreational explanation of A1.pdf
San Diego_Recycle Water Study.pdf
San Diego_Recycled Water Study.pdf
San Diego_Salinity Mngt_FINAL REPORT.pdf
San Diego_Salinity Mngt_FINAL REPORT_Tech Appx_5A Only.pdf
San Diego_Sum Cash Flows Future Econ Benefits Tab 6 A6.pdf
San Diego_Sum Public Non-Public Benefits.pdf
San Diego_Summary of Total Project Costs  v3.pdf
San Diego_Water Quality Priorities App -General Application .pdf
San Diego_Water Quality Priorities App -Priorities 1-5.pdf
San Diego_Water Quality Priorities App Tables-Priority 8.pdf
San Diego_Alloc Proj Costs  Public Benefits to Beneficiarie.pdf
San Diego_AllocPublic Benefits Program Costs to Benefit C.pdf
San Diego_Chap10 - Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program.pdf
San Diego_Dams Reservoir Hydrography Fact Sheets_1995 9.pdf
San Diego_Ecosystem Gen App In Delta Priorities FINAL.pdf
San Diego_EIR report.pdf
San Diego_Emergency Storage Project Final.pdf
San Diego_Emergency Storage Project.pdf
San Diego_Eng Stamped Cover Pages.pdf
San Diego_Desc assump for 2030 2070 Tab 6 A.pdf

 Documents Provided in Response to the Completeness and Basic Eligibility Review

Supporting Documentation to State FINAL.pdf
Q1 WSIP Letter of Intent.pdf
Q2.1 Ref 1 Table 11-1 Section B Q11 Attachment D NCPWF 30.pdf
Q2.2 Ref 1 Table 11-9 Section B Q11 Attachment D NCPWF 30.pdf
Q2.3 Ref 2 Table 8-1 Miramar PS NC01 - 10pct Final EDR.pdf
Q2.4 Ref 3 Table 6-1 and Table 6-2 NC02 NCAWPF IPS_10 PCT EDR FINAL.pdf
Q2.5 Ref 4 - Table 8-1 NC04B_Miramar Pipeline and PS 10PCT EDR_FINAL DRAFT.pdf
Q2.6 Ref 4 - Table 8-2 NC04B_Miramar Pipeline and PS 10PCT EDR_FINAL DRAFT.pdf
Q2.7 Ref 5 Table 8-1  NC02_NCWRP Exp_10 PCT EDR FINAL DRAFT.pdf
Q2.8 Ref 5 Table 8-2 NC02_NCWRP Exp_10 PCT EDR FINAL DRAFT.pdf
Q2.9 Ref 5 or Ref 4 Table 8-7 NC02_NCWRP Exp_10 PCT EDR FINAL DRAFT.pdf
Q3.1 FINAL In-Delta Ecosystem Priorities Application Worksheet-Priority 4.pdf
Q3.2 FINAL In-Delta Ecosystem Priorities Application Worksheet-Priority 16.pdf
PW Benefits workpapers.pdf
Refinement of Recycled Water Study Alternatives TM1.pdf
Refinement of Recycled Water Study Alternatives TM2.pdf
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 1.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 2.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 3.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 4.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 5.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 6.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 7.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 post_pro.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 scripts.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 timeseries.zip
WSIP_2030_DSM2_10-24-16 Other Files.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 input.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 1.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 2.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 output Batch 3.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 post_pro.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 scripts.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 timeseries.zip
WSIP_2070_DSM2_10-24-16 Other Files.zip
SD_2030b input.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 1.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 2.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 3.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 4.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 5.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 6.zip
SD_2030b output Batch 7.zip
SD_2030b post_pro.zip
SD_2030b scripts.zip
SD_2030b timeseries.zip
SD_2030b Other Files.zip
SD_2070 input.zip
SD_2070 output Batch 1.zip
SD_2070 output Batch 2.zip
SD_2070 post_pro.zip
SD_2070 scripts.zip
SD_2070 timeseries.zip
SD_2070 Other Files.zip