Meeting Notice and Agenda

Meeting of the California Water Commission​

State of California, Resources Building
1416 Ninth Street, First Floor Auditorium
Sacramento, CA 95814
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Beginning at 9:30 am​
1.​ Call to Order​
2.​ Roll Call​
4.​ Executive Officer’s Update

Briefing on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan by California Natural Resources Agency Deputy Secretary, Dr. Jerry Meral

6.​ Public Benefits Workshop: Strategies for Future State Investments in the Public Benefits of Water Projects
Topic/Panel​ ​Participants
Opening Remarks Dale Hoffman-Floerke, Chief Deputy Director, Department of Water Resources​
Overview and Background​ ​Department of Water Resources and California Water Commission​

The Federal Approach for Defining and Measuring

Public Benefits




Steve Piper, Economics Team Lead, US Bureau of Reclamation, Denver Office
Options for Future Strategies for Financing of Water Projects Tim Quinn, Executive Director, Association of California Water Agencies​
Perspectives on Public Benefits​ Dave Cogdill, Stanislaus County Assessor and Former California State Senator
Opportunity for Public Discussion, Comments from Other Agencies and Public Officials, Stakeholder Input, and Commission   Deliberation on Issues 
*The Commission will break for lunch from approximately 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm*
7.​ Update on CALFED Surface Storage Projects
8.​ Overview of Process to Amend Resolutions of Necessity
9. ​ ​-26. Initial Consideration of Amendments to Resolutions of Necessity in Sacramento and Contra Costa counties (No final action will be taken on these Resolutions of Necessity at this meeting; this item will begin no earlier than 2:00 pm)
Item ​Owner Name ​Assessor's Parcel Number Resolution Number
9 The Douglas and Patricia Allen Trust 156-0060-011-0000​ ​2011-29
10 Mahinder Singh Dhaliwal and Tawnya M. Dhaliwal 132-0120-095-0000 2011-26​
11 The Fahn Family, et al; Michael Fahn 142-0060-029-0000 2011-10​
12​ Donna L. Reed 132-0120-081-0000 2011-25​
13​ W R Cave Ranch, LLC  132-0010-005-0000 2011-30​
Public Comment: Carol Cave Beck
14​ Melvin E. Seebeck, Jr. and Lois A. Seebeck; William G. Seebeck; Cynthia K. Seebeck, et al 119-0230-044-0000 2011-13​
15​ Lucille J. Christesen Family Trust; Lorraine Croup 1992 Trust 132-0010-014-0000 2012-25​
16​ Steve & Ann Mello Family Trust 156-0030-018-0000 2011-11​
17​ The Dennis Leary Trust, Dennis Leary, Trustee; The Michael G. Leary Trust, Michael G. Leary, Trustee 142-0060-008-0000 2011-28​
18​ Mark G. Scribner, Jr., Successor Trustee; Grace M. Scribner Living Trust 119-0230-067-0000 2012-24​
19​ Joseph M. Borges, Borges Ranch, LLC; Gina Borges-Valdez; Mark George Scribner, Jr. and Lorraine G. Scribner, Henrietta J. Brown 119-0230-042-0000 2011-24​
20​ River Maid Land Company; Attn: Chiles R. Wilson, Agent of Service 156-0050-005-0000 2011-12​
21​ River Maid Land Company, a California Limited Partnership 132-0010-002-0000 2011-14​
22 The Elliot Family Revocable Trust 132-0120-001-0000 2012-07​
23​ Tsakopoulos Family Trust 132-0210-001-0000 2012-23​
24​ Coney Island Farms, Inc.



25 The Norman J. & Katherine A. Marks Trust 156-0010-010-0000 2012-03​
26​ Wurster Ranches, L.P. 132-0210-032-0000; 132-0210-054-0000 2012-04
Public Comment: Pat Rogers
27.​ Consideration of items for next California Water Commission​ meeting
28.​ ​Public Comments
29.​ ​Adjourn

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