Meeting Notice and Agenda

Meeting of the California Water Commission​

State of California, Resources Building
1416 Ninth Street, First Floor Auditorium
Sacramento, CA 95814
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
9:30 a.m.​
NOTICE: In accordance with Government Code Section 11125.3 the Commission may vote to add the following item to the agenda at the meeting. If the Commission votes unanimously to add this item to the agenda, it can be deliberated and acted upon immediately.
1.​ Welcome and Introductions​
2.​ Roll Call​
4.​ Executive Officer’s Update
5.​ Update on Fiscal Year 2012-13 Budget

Action Item: Support of Federal Appropriations for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Change Research


Briefing on Tribal Relations and Environmental Justice Policies and Activities by the Governor's Tribal Advisor (10:00 am)


Action Item: Review of Priority List for Delta Levees Special Projects Funding


Briefing on State Water Project Key Activities


Briefing on Proposition 50 Grants for Agricultural Water Conservation


Briefing on Proposed Methodology for Quantifying the Efficiency of Agricultural Water Use


Discussion of Draft Strategic Plan

13.​ ​Consideration of items for next California Water Commission meeting
14.​ ​Public Comments
15.​ ​Adjourn


At the discretion of the California Water Commission, all items appearing on this agenda, whether or not expressly listed for action, may be deliberated upon and may be subject to action.


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