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July 17, 2013 Meeting AgendaDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_10_Site Case Study FINAL1.pdf
Cover Page Public Benefits Case Study Water Storage; Public BenefitsDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_5_Fracking FINAL1.pdf
Cover Page Fracking Document
July2013_Agenda_Item_6_DeltaStewardshipCouncil FINAL1.pdf
Cover Page Delta PlanDeltaDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_7_SWP Issues FINAL1.pdf
Cover Page State Water Project Update State Water ProjectDocument
Cover Page Water Resources Development Act Federal; Legislation; FundingDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_9_DesertRenewableEnergyPlan FINAL1.pdf
Cover Page Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Energy; ConservationDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_7_SWP Issues FINAL2.pdf
Cover Page State Water Project Update State Water ProjectDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_10_Site Case Study FINAL2.pdf
Cover Page for Public Benefits Case StudyWater Storage; Public BenefitsDocument
June 2013 minutes Draft FINAL.pdf
June 2013 Draft Meeting MinutesDocument
Hydraulic Fracturing PresentationDocument
July 17, 2013 Meeting AgendaDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_6_DeltaStewardshipCouncil_How Plan Works Handout.pdf
How the Delta Plan WorksDelta; planDocument
July2013_Agenda_Item_6_DeltaStewardshipCouncil_Understanding the Plan Handout.pdf
Understanding the Delta PlanDelta; planDocument
Update on State Water Project July 17, 2013State Water ProjectDocument
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation PlanDocument
July 17, 2013 Meeting ResultsDocument
June 2013 minutes FINAL.pdf
June 2013 Meeting MinutesDocument
NODOS Case Study Presentation 7-11-13 v1 (3).pdf
Case Study Presentation July 17, 2013Public Benefits; Water StorageDocument